STEM Education Post-doc meeting - 11/05/15 (note room change)


Thursday, November 5, 2015 - 9:30am to 10:30am


Erickson 133G

Active Science is a recently developed teaching approach that is adopted by many schools and informal educational programs in Israel. This approach views science as a tool for developing youth-at-risk students’ motivation, self-efficacy and self-confidence by implementing hands-on, minds-on activities in a project-based learning program. The students experience science by building technological and scientific projects and experimenting. The Active Science approach was found to be very influential and successful, but does is correlate with the NGSSs’ three dimensional learning (Scientific and engineering practices, disciplinary core ideas and crosscutting concepts)? Could this approach be adopted and implemented in the US science curricula and teacher training? In our meeting, I will present the Active Science approach and we’ll discuss the benefits and challenges of using this approach in light of the NGSS. Additional reading about the NGSS can be found in Jonathan Osborne's Teaching Scientific Practices: Meeting the Challenge of Change.