STEM Gateway Fellowship

Applications are due April 13, 2016.  Fellowship recipients will be announced by May 4, 2016.

Program Overview

Applications are now being accepted for the second cohort of the STEM Gateway Teaching Fellows Program.  The 2-year fellowship program is open to all tenure stream faculty, fixed term faculty, and academic specialists who are committed to excellence in teaching in the STEM gateway courses. The fellowship is part of MSU’s Association of American Universities (AAU) STEM Education Initiative project titled “Creating a Coherent Gateway for STEM Teaching and Learning at MSU.” The Fellowship is supported by funds from the Office of the Provost, the College of Natural Science, and Lyman Briggs College.  Each Fellow will receive $8,000 (spread over two years) to support his or her participation in the program.

The overarching goal of the program is to improve gateway STEM courses by engaging faculty in the development of instructional materials and assessments that are focused on core ideas of their discipline, concepts that cross disciplines, and science practices. This three-dimensional approach to teaching and learning is described in the recently published Education Forum in the Science titled “Challenge faculty to transform STEM learning”.

By the end of the program it is expected that fellows will be able to:

  • Identify disciplinary core ideas, crosscutting concepts, and science practices that form the basis of the gateway curriculum.
  • Obtain, interpret, evaluate, and apply literature from Discipline Based Education Research (DBER).
  • Create instructional materials that engage students in three-dimensional learning.
  • Apply principles of assessment development to create assessment items that measure students’ three-dimensional learning.
  • Become part of an interdisciplinary community of faculty committed to improving the STEM Gateway curriculum.


Fellowship Expectations

To achieve these goals and objectives, Fellows will be expected to participate in the following activities.

  • Monthly Workshops: Fellows will meet once each month during the academic year (10 meetings) to engage in group discussions on readings and presentations that explore current DBER research related to three-dimensional learning.  Fellows will be expected to complete required readings and preparatory activities before each group meeting. Typically, the meetings will be two hours long and will be scheduled to accommodate participants’ teaching schedules.  The August and May monthly meetings will be structured as day-long retreats.
  • Development and Dissemination of Three-Dimensional Curricular Materials: Fellows will develop three-dimensional instructional materials and assessments that are aligned with learning outcomes in the gateway courses.  Fellows will be expected to implement and refine the materials and assessments. They will be expected to share their findings and materials with the larger MSU community (e.g., MSU hosted-STEM Education Conferences, departmental presentations) and will be encouraged to present their work at professional conferences and meetings.


Eligibility for Participation


Required Application Materials

The following materials are required as part of the application process. Materials must be submitted online to the STEM Gateway Fellowship application page.

  1. A 1-page statement of interest that describes the candidate’s motivation for participating in the STEM Gateway Teaching Fellows.
  2. A preliminary budget describing how the funds will be used over the two years to support the fellowship. Typical expenses include hiring assistants and purchasing supplies.
  3. Candidate’s CV including teaching experience.
  4. A 1-page letter of support from the Department Chair or College Dean that contains:
    1. a description of the candidate’s commitment to excellence in teaching and learning
    2. confirmation that the candidate will teach the gateway course twice in the next two years
    3. a description of how the candidate’s participation is aligned with the goals and mission of the department or college.


Criteria for Selection

The application materials and the interview will be used to evaluate the candidates’ fit with the following criteria:  

  • Meets eligibility requirements described above.
  • Evidence of commitment to excellence in teaching and learning.
  • Evidence of willingness to contribute to a community of faculty committed to improving the STEM gateway curriculum. 


Applications are due April 13, 2016.  Fellowship recipients will be announced by May 4, 2016.


If you have questions, please contact Cori Fata-Hartley <>.

Proceed to the STEM Gateway Fellowship Application Page.