Discipline-Based Educational Research members

Leah Corley Chemistry
Olivia Crandell Chemistry
Dr. Chanyah Dahsah CREATE for STEM
Dr. Brian Danielak Computational Mathematics, Science, and Engineering (CMSE)
Dr. Jenny Dauer Teacher Education
Ms. Joelyn de Lima Plant Biology
Dr. Ibrahim Delen Teacher Education
Xang Delossantos
Adele Denison Physiology
Dr. Jennifer Doherty Teacher Education
Dr. Leanne Doughty Physics and Astronomy
Dr. Erin Duffy Chemistry
Fred Dyer
Dr. Diane Ebert-May Plant Biology
Charles Elzinga Biological Sciences Program
Dr. Nate Emery Plant Biology
Ligita Espinosa CREATE for STEM Institute
Mr. Brandon Ewert
James Fairweather Education Administration
Dr. Cori Fata-Hartley College of Natural Science