Discipline-Based Educational Research members

Dr. Raven McCrory Teacher Education, CREATE for STEM Institute, Program in Mathematics Education
Dr. Teresa McElhinny Gological Sciences and Zoology
John McGuire Physics and Astronomy
Louise Mead
Group Member
Dr. John Merrill Biological Sciences Program
Dr. Brett Merritt
Hannah Miller Teacher Education
Chris Minter Chemistry
Dr. Ellen Moll Integrative Studies in the Arts and Humanities
Dr. Beronda Montgomery Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Dr. Rosa Moscarella CREATE for STEM
Kongju Mun
Alexandria Musselman Program in Mathematics Education
Abhilash Nair Physics
Mr. Keenan Noyes Chemistry
Zachary Nusbaum CREATE for STEM
Prof. Brian O'Shea Lyman Briggs College, Physics and Astronomy
Gabe Ording Center for Integrative Studies in General Science
Dr. Anthony Paganini Physiology and Radiology