Institute Members and Affiliates

Directory Listing for all CREATE for STEM Institute members and affiliates. To search for a member, simply type a name (or fraction of a name) in the box below. Alternately, select an affiliation with Michigan State and the Institute to browse by category.

Joe Asiala Contact
Mr. Krismathew 1 Jr. student research Contact
nortone 1 Contact
picken 19 Contact
Anders Aamodt PhD Student Contact
Mr. Abdus-Salam Abdul-Kadir Contact
Mr. james adkins I Contact
Dr. Idit Adler Research associate Contact
Dr. Jacob Adler Assistant Professor Math and Science Contact
Prof. Group Admin Assistant Professor Miscellany Contact
Julia Alder Troy School District K-12 Science & Math Contact
Tarik Ali Contact
Alicia Alonzo Teacher Education Contact
Charles W. (Andy) Anderson Professor Teacher Education Contact
Mr. Corrie Anderson I Contact
Dr. Tessa Andrews Assistant Professor Biological Sciences
Dr. Seanna Annis Assistant Professor Biological Sciences
Dr. Lara Appleby Postdoctoral Scholar Biochemistry Contact
Ms. Camille Archer Director of Training Institute for Cyber Enabled... Contact
Dr. Norris Armstrong Associate Professor Genetics Contact