Institute Members and Affiliates

Directory Listing for all CREATE for STEM Institute members and affiliates. To search for a member, simply type a name (or fraction of a name) in the box below. Alternately, select an affiliation with Michigan State and the Institute to browse by category.

Jen Arnswald Director of Curriculum and... Contact
Dr. Melvin Arter Sr. Kamagra- remedy to treat men’... Health expert Contact
Dr. Donald Auger Contact
Dr. Ann Austin Professor, Higher, Adult, and... Educational Administration Contact
Rachel Ayieko Doctoral candidate Teacher education Contact
Mr. J B Jr. Contact
barker b4 Contact
Dr. Sarah Ball Lecturer Center for Life Sciences... Contact
Cynthia Balthazar Contact
Dr. Patrick Bardill Instructor MMG Contact
Dr. Rachel Barnard Instructor Lyman Briggs COllege Contact
Dr. Isabelle Barrette-Ng Senior Instructor Biological Sciences Contact
Mr. Donald Barringer Jr. Graduate Student Curriculum, Instruction, and... Contact
Mr. Jackson Barry Sr. 70-410 Braindumps IT Contact
Dr. Tonya Bartell Assistant Professor Teacher Education Contact
Peter Bates Prof Math Contact
Prof. Wolfgang Bauer Chairperson Physics & Astronomy
Wolfgang Bauer Senior Consultant to the... Office of the Executive Vice... Contact
Prof. Johannes Bauer Professor Media and Information Contact
Tammy Baumann Contact