Institute Members and Affiliates

Directory Listing for all CREATE for STEM Institute members and affiliates. To search for a member, simply type a name (or fraction of a name) in the box below. Alternately, select an affiliation with Michigan State and the Institute to browse by category.

Chantale Begin Instructor Integrative Biology Contact
John Bell Contact
Dr. Robert Bell Associate Professor Lyman Briggs / Mathematics Contact
Robert Bell Associate Professor Mathematics Contact
Richard Bellon Contact
Prof. Andre Benard Associate Prof Mechanical Engineering Contact
Mr. Teffin Benedict Contact
Miss Jessica Berg Mathematics Contact
Matt Berry Grad student Plant Biology
Aavi Bhakta IT Assistant
Dr. Raechel Bianchetti Assistant Professor Geography Contact
Dr. Kristen Bieda Associate Professor Teacher Education, CREATE for... Contact
Meredith Biedrzycki Preceptor Interdisciplinary Science... Contact
Dr. Tom Bielik Research Associate - Fixed... CREATE for STEM Contact
Dr. Andrea Bierema Instructor Lyman Briggs Contact
Dr. Mary Biniewicz STEM Coordinator Contact
Mrs. Michelle Blodgett Senior Program Manager Contact
Sarah Bodbyl Contact
Dr. Sarah Bodbyl Roels Kellogg Biological Station... Contact
Mr. Brian Boes Teacher Science, Mathematics, Special... Contact