Institute Members and Affiliates

Directory Listing for all CREATE for STEM Institute members and affiliates. To search for a member, simply type a name (or fraction of a name) in the box below. Alternately, select an affiliation with Michigan State and the Institute to browse by category.

Jessica West Contact
Catherine Westfall Contact
Gary Westfall University Distinguished... National Superconducting... Contact
Michele Weston
Dr. Peter White Integrative Case Studies in... Contact
Gregory White PhD Student Ed Policy Contact
Kyle Powys Whyte Contact
Miss Rachel Wilcox CREATE for STEM... CREATE for STEM Contact
David Wiley Contact
Michelle Williams Assistant Professor Teacher Education Contact
Dr. Logan Williams Assistant Professor Lyman Briggs College &... Contact
Ms. Debra Wilson Contact
Chris Wilson
Dr. Michael Wiser BEACON Contact
Roxanne Witcher Contact
Dr. Steven Wolf Postdoctoral Research... CREATE for STEM institute Contact
Mariane Wolfe Academic Advisor Biomedical Laboratory... Contact
Prof. Willie Wong Assistant Professor Mathematics Contact
Kraig Wray Contact
Mr. Min Lun Wu CEPSE Contact