Institute Members and Affiliates

Directory Listing for all CREATE for STEM Institute members and affiliates. To search for a member, simply type a name (or fraction of a name) in the box below. Alternately, select an affiliation with Michigan State and the Institute to browse by category.

David DeWitt Associate Dean Contact
Tyce DeYoung Associate Professor Physics and Astronomy Contact
Mrs. Diane Wilson Diane Wilson Instructor assistant CISGS Contact
Thomas Dietz Contact
Elijah Dikong Assistant Professor Statistics and Probability Contact
Dr. Laura Dillon Professor Computer Science and... Contact
Dr. Jennifer Doherty Postdoctoral Researcher Teacher Education Contact
Alexander Dombos Contact
Brian Donovan Contact
Dr. Leanne Doughty Physics and Astronomy Contact
Dr. Frances Pouch Downes Professor Biomedical Laboratory... Contact
Corey Drake Contact
Steven Dulaney Contact
Phillip Duxbury Chairperson and Professor Physics and Astronomy Contact
Susan Dyer Secretary II NatSci Contact
Fred Dyer Professor Contact
Dedra Eatmon Associate Director Charles Drew Science Scholars Contact
Rachael Eaton Contact
Jan Eberhardt Senior Academic Specialist... Contact
Dr. Diane Ebert-May Professor Plant Biology Contact