Fall graduate course offered: TE936 Science Learning and Implications for Teaching - Schwarz, Wednesdays 9-12

Professor Christina Schwarz

This fall, Associate Professor Christina Schwarz will be teaching TE936, which is offered as part of the graduate certificate in science education from the College of Education (see http://education.msu.edu/te/science-education/Prospective-Students/Program-Requirements.asp). The course will focus on science learning and implications for teaching and teacher education. It will be a great opportunity to learn more about science learning theories and ways of teaching that might (or might not!) leverage such approaches. Schwarz says she welcomes students who want to learn more about science education across the PK-16 spectrum and beyond, and will work with folks to connect the course project to their current science education research or teaching.

Please forward this announcement to any graduate students or others who might be interested, and feel free to contact Prof. Schwarz with further questions.


TE 936 Science Learning and Implications for Teaching and Teacher Education

Fall 2017. Time: Wednesdays 9:10 – 12:00. Location: 107 Erickson Hall.

Professor: Christina Schwarz

This course will focus on theories and evidence of how people learn science across age ranges and contexts as well as the implications of that information for teaching and teacher education. The course will use a historical approach to explore classic and modern research on how, what and why students learn science as well as how that information connects to standards and policy documents. We will use these learning theories and related evidence to analyze implications for teaching science and for programs in teacher education. Graduate students will co-lead course sessions throughout the semester, develop and revise their own conceptual models of science learning, and work towards a project that leverages or extends the course content for their own research.


Christina Schwarz, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Science Education

Department of Teacher Education

Michigan State University


Elementary Science Subject Area Leader

PI NSF Noticing and Responding to Students' Scientific Sense-making Project

Co-PI NSF Scientific Practices Project

Co-PI NSF Head Start on Science Project