Interactions Seminar a Success in Wisconsin

CREATE for STEM launched its new professional learning initiative this week. Angela Kolonich, lead presenter for Interactions, gave a two-day introduction and overview of the Interactions curriculum to teachers in Manitowoc, Wisconsin.

Response to the sessions was very positive. "The workshop was so exciting, that it was hard to believe the clock said 3:00 pm and it was time to leave for the day," observed Mary Virlee, who teaches integrated physical science at Wilson Junior High School. "I am a very seasoned teacher and I have never experienced such a transformative way to excite my students about science."

Interactions is a high school physical science curriculum designed to enact several of the performance expectations identified by the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Interactions uses a project-based learning approach, incorporating three-dimensional learning into student-centered units and activities.

The curriculum and teaching strategies for Interactions were developed through a National Science Foundation grant to a CREATE research team led by Joe Krajcik, Lappan Phillips Professor of Science Education at Michigan State University and director of the CREATE for STEM Institute.