Several Projects Host Professional Learning This Summer

Teachers from the US and Finland try out an activity.

Summer is a time for teachers to refresh and recharge. For several teachers associated with CREATE-related projects, recharging includes hands-on experiences with the cutting-edge curriculum materials being developed at the early elementary and high school levels. The Modeling Project will have teachers on campus July 25-27 to learn more about how this essential scientific and engineering practice helps high school students explain and predict phenomena across a range of disciplines. For more on this project, click here. The following week, high school teachers involved in the NSF PIRE-funded Creating Optimal Learning Environments project -- both returning and some new teachers -- will visit campus to work collaboratively with researchers to develop project-based instructional materials. Project leaders Joe Krajcik and Barbara Schnieder travel to Finland in September to work with participating teachers there. For more on this project, click here. Later in August, new and returning early elementary teachers will be on hand to continue development of the Multiple Literacies in Project-Based Learning project. For more on this project, click here.