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Science Seminar Speaker: Israel Touitou, MSU

Spring STEM Education Alliance Meeting

Science at the Edge, April 26, 2019

CMSE Brown Bag Seminar, April 19

SageModeler workshop, May 1-2, 2019

Fate of the Earth Symposium, April 13, 2019

Science Seminar Speakers: Tammy Long and Bethany Gettings, MSU

Science Seminar Speaker: Barbara Hug

Science Seminar Speaker: Dr. BaoHui Zhang, Shaanxi Normal University

Webinar #2 on Science and Engineering, Grades 6-12

Co-Integrate Talk: Monica Karunakaran

Science Seminar Speaker: Health in Our Hands Team, CREATE for STEM

Science Seminar Speaker: Susan Bobbitt Nolen, University of Washington

STEM Teaching Essentials Workshop

Science Seminar Speaker: David Fortus, Weizmann Institute of Science

MSU Math Ed. Colloquium: Prof. Paul C. Dawkins, Northern Illinois University


Youth Addiction Prevention Health Summit

Youth Diabetes Health Summit

Science Seminar Speaker: Yore Kedem, MSU

Science Seminar Speaker: Christa Haverly, Michigan State University

Presentation by Valerie Otero, University of Colorado Boulder

ULA Program Management Workshop

STEM Alliance Meeting and Poster Session

Science Seminar Speaker: Dr. Matthew Kloser, University of Notre Dame

Co-Integrate Talk: Corey Drake and Kimberly Jansen

Science Seminar Speaker: Kevin Haudek, Michigan State University

MSU Mathematics Ed. Colloquium: Professor Darryl Yong

Presentation by Dr. Louise Mead and Dr. Alexa Warwick

Outspoken Science Film Screening Event

STEM Teaching Essentials Workshop (Registration Open Now!)

MSU Mathematics Education Colloquium by Professor Kyeong Hah Roh (Arizona State University)

Science Seminar Speaker: Dr. Marilyne Stains, Associate Professor of Chemistry, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Math Co-Integrate Seminar Series: Dr. Kaitlin Torphy

GESS Speaker: Norbert Steinhaus, Living Knowledge Science Shop

Presentation by Dr. David Shaffer

CREATE Science Seminar Series: Dr. Melanie Cooper, Dr. Becky Matz, Dr. Kinsey Bain, MSU

2018 Student Success Launch

13th International Conference of the Learning Sciences (ICLS)

Registration Now Open: 2018 National Numeracy Network Meeting

LEVERS Presents Dr. Sarah Eddy: Does How We Teach Matter?

Barry Country Science Festival

Special Presentation by Dr. Regina Soobard, University of Tartu, Estonia

Preparing Novices for Ambitious Science Teaching Conference

Noah Finkelstein - Educational Transformation at a Critical Time: the promises of disciplinary engagement

Math Co-Integrate Seminar Series

MSU Literacy Colloquy Presentation: Dr. Tanya Wright & Dr. Amelia Gotwals

Free Leaf Pack Workshop for Educators

STEM Education Alliance Spring Meeting - Registration open

STEM-Alliance Seminar: Promoting Equity in STEM Education

MSU Mathematics Education Colloquium by Professor Elizabeth de Freitas

STEM Ed Postdoc Meeting

STEM Teaching Essentials Workshop: Register Now

NARST Practice Session

Special Presentation: Colby Tofel-Grehl, Utah State University

Math Co-Integrate Seminar Series: Lynmarie Posey and Kristen Bieda

MSU Mathematics Education Colloquium by Dr. Jennifer Langer-Osuna

MSTA Conference 2018

MSTA Conference 2018

Special Presentation by Dr. Charles Anderson

STEM Teaching Essentials Workshop (Registration Now Open!)

Special Presentation: Dr. David Feldon, Utah State University

STEM Teaching Essentials Workshop (Registration Open Now!)

2018 MI-AMTE: Conversations Among Colleagues

CANCELED: CREATE Science Seminar Speaker: Dr. Barbara Hug, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Engineering Society of Detroit Student Chapter Event

Night of 1001 Donuts 

Spartan Engineering: Dazzling Fall Finale

STEM Education Alliance Winter Meeting - Cancelled

MSU Mathematics Ed. Colloquium: Professor Amy Noelle Parks

Flint 6th Grade Final Presentations

MSU Mathematics Education Colloquium: Luis A. Leyva (Vanderbilt University)

STEM Teaching Essentials Workshop: Backward Design

PER Seminar Speaker (PERL): Dr. Jackie Chini

Professor Delmar Larsen, University of California, Davis, on The Libretexts Project

Co-Integrate: Shiv Karunakaran

CREATE Science Seminar Speaker: Dr. Kristen St. Johns, James Madison University

CREATE Science Seminar Speaker: Dr. Mary Besterfield-Sacre, University of Pittsburgh

CREATE Science Seminar Speaker: Dr. Leona Schauble, Vanderbilt University

CREATE Science Seminar Speaker: Dr. Marcy Towns, Purdue University

CREATE Science Seminar Speaker: Dr. Brian Reiser, Northwestern University

MSU Mathematics Education Colloquium: Kevin Moore (University of Georgia)

CREATE for STEM Mini-Conference

Co-Integrate Mathematics Series: Dominguez & Crespo

CREATE Science Seminar Speaker: Tamara (Tammy) Clegg, University of Maryland

PER SEminar Speaker Sept 13: Kathy Harper, OSU

Physics Colloquium (9/7) - Julie Posselt - 1415 BPS

HBO Movie Viewing

PER Seminar - 4/26 - Alexis Knaub

STEM Post-Doc Meeting with Travis Hagey

MSU Mathematics Education Colloquium

April STEM Alliance Teaching Essentials Workshop

STEM Ed Postdoc Meeting - The Image has Two Faces: External Representations in Biomolecular Sciences

PER Seminar 3/29 - Casey Miller

CREATE Postdoc Reading Group

STEM Ed Postdoc Meeting - Classroom observation protocol for measuring NGSS practices

MSU Mathematics Education Colloquium: Julia Maria Aguirre

STEM Teaching Essentials Workshop

STEM Education Alliance Fall Reception, featuring Nobel laureate Carl Wieman

Special presentation: Howard Gobstein, APLU

Rachel Yoho to present "Structure and Function in Biology - The Case of Enzyme Binding"

PER Seminar - 3/1 - Paul Irving

Special presentation: Barbara Ericson (Georgia Tech)

Postdoc Talk and Reading (Feb 27, 3-4:30PM) - Led by Kamali Sripathi

AIMS: Access, Agency, and Allies in Mathematical Systems

Dr. Stephanie Vasko: Examining Responsible Innovation at the Chemistry/Design Interface

STEM Ed Postdoc Meeting - Feb 13, 11am

PER Seminar 2/15 - Jason Dowd

STEM Ed Postdoc Meeting - Jan 30, 11am

First STEM Ed Postdoc Meeting

2017 CREATE Mini Conference

Guest Speaker: Steve Semken

PER Seminar 1/18 - Julie Libarkin

Postdoc-grad session with Mark Guzdial

2016-2017 Literacy Colloquy Presentation

CREATE Presentation: Charles Henderson

CREATE Presentation: Mike Stieff

CREATE Presentation: Mark Guzdial

CREATE Presentation: Rebecca Jordan

Postdoc-Grad session with Rebecca Jordan

CREATE Work in Progress Session: Luke Tunstall

PER Seminar 12/14 (Katie Ansell)

PER Seminar 11/30 (Gina Passante)

MI-AMTE Conference

Co-Integrate Mathematics: Andy Krause and Jeffrey Craig

AACR Presentation: Jennifer Kaplan, University of Georgia

PLB & PRL Seminar: Kimberly Tanner

Presentation by Kamali Sripathi

Presentation by Rachel Yoho

Presentation by Hye Sun You

PER Seminar 11/16 (Lin Ding)

PER Seminar 11/02 (Julia Svoboda Gouvea)

StudioCode Video Analysis Training

PER Seminar 10/19 (Alexa Warwick & Melissa Kjelvik)

International Study in STEM Education Organizational Meeting

STEM Ed Postdoc Meeting

STEM Ed Postdoc Meeting

STEM Ed Postdoc Meeting

STEM Ed Postdoc Meeting

CREATE Science Speaker: Paula Hooper

STEM Ed Postdoc Meeting

PER Seminar - 10/05 (Ben Geller)

CREATE Science Speaker: Michelle Wilkerson

CREATE Science Speaker: John Krupczak

CREATE Science Speaker: Ayush Gupta

STEM Teaching Essentials Workshop

STEM Teaching Essentials Workshop

STEM Teaching Essentials Workshop

Co-Integrate Session: Kristen Bieda

STEM Education Alliance Spring Meeting

STEM Education Alliance Winter Meeting

CREATE Science Speaker: Erin Furtak

CREATE Science Speaker: Heidi Ballard

CREATE Science Speaker: Cindy Hmelo-Silver

CREATE Science Speaker: Stacey Lowery Bretz

PER Seminar - 9/21 (David Stroupe)

PER Seminar - 9/7 (Alice Olmstead)

K-12 Science Leaders Communications Master Class

Claude Steele: Stereotype and Identity Threat

Science Speaker Series: Louise Archer, King's College London

STEM Education Alliance Fall Reception

Kristin Mayer dissertation oral defense

MSU Final Exams

AERA Conference

NARST Conference

MSU Spring Break


New Year's Day -- MSU closed

Christmas - MSU closed

Thanksgiving - MSU closed

Co-Integrate Mathematics: Andrew Krause

MSU Mathematics Education Colloquium talk series to be presented by Dr. Maisie Gholson

Works-in-Progress Session: assessing interdisciplinary thinking among undergraduate students: Mashood Kandiyil

NARST practice session

PER Seminar - 4/13 (Ben Zwickl)

PER Seminar - 3/30 (Tim Stelzer)

Co-Integrate Series Session: Hyman Bass, University of Michigan

Works-in-Progress Session: Andrea Bierema

Physics Candidate Presentation

Mathematics Education Colloquium: Brent Davis

CREATE Special Presentation: David Fortus

PER Seminar - 3/16 (N. Sanjay Rebello)

STEM Ed Study Abroad Informational Meeting

19th Annual Connected Math Project Users' Conference Feb 19-20

StudioCode Training

Plant Biology Seminar Series, February 8, 2016

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Symposium March 3, 2016

Mathematics Education Colloquium: Kara Jackson

PER Seminar - 3/2 (Gerd Kortemeyer)

University Undergraduate Research and Arts Forum

PER Seminar - 2/17 (Joe Martin)

PER Seminar (2/3)

Works-in-Progress Session

PER Seminar (1/20)

CREATE Science Seminar: Jomo Mutegi

Co-Integrate Math Talk - Sandy Callis

CIRTL Exchange Program Teaching-as-Research Project Presentation

Math Education Colloquium: Dr. Erika Bullock

PER Seminar - 12/2 (Alex Maries)

PER Seminar - 11/18 (Alicia Alonzo)

Gateway to Mathematical Sciences Seminar Series: Angela K. Kubena

Gateway to Mathematical Sciences Seminar Series: David Bressoud

Gateway to Mathematical Sciences Seminar Series: Jim Fowler

Gateway to Mathematical Sciences Seminar Series: Jim McClure

Gateway to Mathematical Sciences Seminar Series: Patrick Rault

Special Presentation at CREATE for STEM: Katrin Weber

Co-Integrate Mathematics Seminar: Kristen Renn, Robin Rennie, R. Sekhar Chivukula

Mathematics Education Colloquium: Fran Arbaugh

Special Seminar (Organic Chemistry): Dr. Thomas Holme (Iowa State)

PER Seminar - 11/04 (Eleanor Close)

KBS PD Session: Science Teacher Preparation and Urban Ecology at Chicago State University

Works In Progress Brown Bag Presentation - Becky Matz

PER Seminar - 10/21 (Emily Dare)

PER Seminar - 10/7 (Joe Kozminski)

Division of Engineering Research (DER) Noontime Seminar

STEM Alliance December 2015 Meeting

STEM Alliance Spring 2016 Meeting

Works In Progress Brown Bag Presentation - Abe Edwards

Co-Integrate Mathematics Seminar: Kimberly Fenn

Co-Integrate Mathematics: Mariana Levin, Jack Smith, & Aaron Levin

Co-Integrate Mathematics Seminar: Emily Bouck

Co-Integrate Mathematics Seminar: Young-Gon Bae

Co-Integrate Mathematics Seminar: Beth Herbel-Eisenmann

Co-Integrate Mathematics Seminar: Amy Parks

CREATE Science Seminar: Stephen Kanim

CREATE Science Seminar: Matt Hora

PER Seminar - 9/9 (Shannon Schmoll)

PER Seminar - 9/23 (Mel Sabella)

CREATE Science Seminar: Michael C. Loui

Teaching Essentials Workshop

Teaching Essentials Workshop

CREATE Science Seminar: Rosemary Russ

CREATE Science Seminar: Eve Manz

CREATE Science Seminar: Vicente Talanquer

CREATE Science Seminar: Jennifer Frederick

CREATE Science Seminar: Philip Bell

CREATE for STEM Mini-Conference

September 2015 STEM Alliance Meeting - Interdisciplinary Research Forum

Special DBER Seminar (3/6)

Krajcik, Bieda talk Common Core and NGSS

Co-Integrate Math Seminar Series Speakers: Vince Melfi, Dave Bramer, Jeff Craig, Abe Edwards, Andy Krause, and Amanda Lorenz

PER Seminar - 4/29

Create Math Seminar Series Speaker: Maria Johansson

Math Ed Colloquium

Disaster... From the skies! A Public Astrophysics Talk by Prof. Brian O'Shea

Michigan State University Science Festival - Why Do Some Things Stick Together While Others Don't?

Michigan State University Science Festival - Looking at Science Through New Lenses

Michigan State University Science Festival - Genomics: Why Are We The Way We Are?

PER Seminar - 5/13

PER Seminar - 4/15

From Corals to Humans, the Common Chemicals Connecting Our Brains

New Analytical Tools for the Cell-By-Cell Chemical Characterization of the Brain

CREATE Science Seminar Series: Planning for Next Year/Ice Cream Social

Create Science Seminar Series Speaker: Alan Kiste

PER Seminar, April 1: Understanding Energy Across the Disciplines

Promoting Inquiry-Based Learning in Introductory Geoscience Labs

Understanding and Influencing Adolescents’ Motivation for Science: A Program of Research Focused on Gender and Teacher Effects in Diverse Educational Settings -- Dr. Jennifer Schmidt

PER Seminar - 3/18

Avatars for Empowerment: A research trajectory aimed toward reducing the gender gap in STEM through avatar use

Lunch with Dr. Ron Gray


Lunch with Dr. Noah Feinstein

Create Science Seminar Series Speaker: Noah Feinstein

Create Science Seminar Series Speaker: Orit Ben Zvi Assaraf

Work-in-Progress Brown Bag Presentation: Dr. Vashti Sawtelle

Lunch with Dr. Stephanie Vasko

Work-in-Progress Brown Bag Presentation: NARST practice presentations

Work-in-Progress Brown Bag Presentation: Andrea Bierema, Ph.D.

Compelling Video for Online and Flipped Classes; Dr. Charles B. Owen

April Teaching Essentials for MSU STEM Faculty Workshop

#NSTA virtual conference

PER Seminar - 11/12

Online Learning: Making it Work

PRIME Colloquium Series: Dr. Paola Sztajn

PRIME Colloquium Series: Dr. Chris Rasmussen

PRIME Colloquium Series: Dr. Janine Remillard

PRIME Colloquium Series: Dr. Danny Martin & Dr. Niral Shah

PRIME Colloquium Series: Dr. Keith Weber

Create Science Seminar Series Speaker: Brian Couch

The effect of feedback and revision on the quality of student writing

Jason Brown, A Hard Day's Math: The Connections Between Mathematics and Music

Keith Promislow, Gradient Flows—Life Runs Down Hill

Geological Sciences Guest Speaker: Dominik Conrad

The Value of Consistent and Objective Assessment in Teaching Efficacy for Large Classes

An Ecological Perspective on STEM Education Research: Challenges and Opportunities

Conceptual Exercises in Online Physics and Astronomy Courses

Register for MI Sci PLN

Physics Education Research (PER) Seminar

Breakfast with Dr. Eric Brewe

Pathways to Science speaker luncheon

WKAR Community Cinema presented in partnership with Project 60/50

Mathematics Education Colloquium presented by Dr. Jinfa Cai

October DBER Journal Club

Science, Agriculture, Food, Environment Career Fair

Making a STATEment: MSU Women in STEM

Breakfast with Dr. Jonathan Osborne

STEM Alliance December 2014 Meeting

Work-in-Progress Brown Bag Presentation: Angie Calabrese Barton and Research Group

Co-Integrate Math Speaker Series: Jeanne Wald, Teena Gerhardt, Benjamin Schmidt

Work-in-Progress Brown Bag Presentation: Thomas Deits

Co-Integrate Math Speaker Series: Niral Shah

A Data-Driven Exploration of Faculty Tech Use and Attitudes at MSU and Beyond.

The Synchromodal Learning Classroom: Engaging Face-to-Face and Online Students as Comparable Partners in the Same Learning Experience

A Disruptive Innovation: MSU’s Surviving the Coming Zombie Apocalypse – Are you Ready to Survive a New Way of Learning?

Grading Discussions at Scale: A New Bulk Discussions Grader for D2L

Distraction in the Classroom: The Use of Portable Devices for Non-academic Purposes

Indie and Academic Self-Publishing, in Print and On-Screen

Digital Rights Management: The Bane of Electronic Texts

Maker Spaces and Entrepreneurship Culture at MSU

Flipped Instruction in REAL and Traditional Classrooms

StudioCode Video Analysis Training

Work-in-Progress Brown Bag Presentation: Frances Harper

Work-in-Progress Brown Bag Presentation: Sonia Underwood

Work-in-Progress Brown Bag Presentation: J.T. Laverty and Becky Matz

Breakfast with Dr. David Fortus

First DBER Journal Club Meeting of the Semester

Physics Education Research Seminar - 9/3

Call for Proposals: Socially Relevant Philosophy of/in Science and Engineering (SRPoiSE)

Breakfast with Dr. Helen Quinn

Breakfast with Dr. Leema Berland

Joint Physics-Astronomy/CREATE Colloquium: Eric Brewe

Co-Integrate Math Seminar Series Speaker: Andrew Krause and the math TA mentoring program

Co-Integrate Math Seminar Series Speakers: A.J. Edson

CREATE Science Seminar Series: Casey O'Donnell

Create Science Seminar Series Speaker: Stephanie Vasko

Co-Integrate Math Seminar Series Speakers: Tonya Bartell and Corey Drake

Co-Integrated Math Seminar Series Speaker: Sharon Senk and the PTA project

Co-Integrate Math Seminar Series Speakers: Higinio Dominguez, Kenneth Bradfield, Jose Martinez

Create Science Seminar Series: Panel on Modeling K-16

Create Science Seminar Series Speaker: Helen Quinn

March Teaching Essentials for MSU STEM Faculty Workshop

February Teaching Essentials for MSU STEM Faculty Workshop

January Teaching Essentials for MSU STEM Faculty Workshop

November Teaching Essentials for MSU STEM Faculty Workshop

October Teaching Essentials for MSU STEM Faculty Workshop

September Teaching Essentials for MSU STEM Faculty Workshop

August Teaching Essentials for MSU STEM Faculty Workshop

Create Science Seminar Series Speaker: Ron Gray

Create Science Seminar Series Speaker: Leema Berland

Create Science Seminar Series Speaker: Eric Brewe

Create Science Seminar Series Speaker: David Fortus

Create Science Seminar Series Speaker: Jonathan Osborne

AERA Conference Proposal Due Date

NSTA Proposal Due Date

NARST Proposal Due Date

STEM Alliance Fall 2014 Meeting

Organic Chemistry DBER Seminar

Learning Sciences Webinar: Inquiry Learning

Research Video with StudioCode

Finnish Perspectives on Education and Student Engagement

Are Misconceptions "So Yesterday"?

MSU STEM Education Alliance Spring Meeting

NARST Annual International Conference

StudioCode Training

Is "Interactive" Teaching Sufficient to Promote Conceptual Development in Physics?

DBER Post-Docs Lunch with AACR Candidate

Student Motivation in a Virtual Ecosystem Environment

Breakfast with Dr. Paula R.L. Heron

How People Learn: A Cognitive Science Perspective

National PI Day - PIE BAKE-OFF!

Urban Education Graduate Certificate Program Brown Bag

PISA 2012 - Main Results and the Potential for Further Research

Breakfast with Dr. Michal Zion

Breakfast with Bill Penuel

Dr. Aman Yadav, From cases to computing: STEM Education Research

Leonid I. Perlovsky, Towards Physics of the Mind

Breakfast with Cory Buxton

Post Doc lunch with Susan Singer

CREATE Science Seminar Series: Cory Buxton

Michigan Science Teachers Association 61st Annual Conference

TE Math Candidate—Ryan Seth Jones

MSU Faculty Technology Showcase 2014

CEER Seminar - Whitney B. Gaskins

Dr. Christa J. Porter, Identity Development in Black Undergraduate Women: A Grounded Theory Study

17th Annual CMP Users' Conference

Carl T. Lira, Improving Engineering Instruction and Learning using LON-CAPA

Using Learning Catalytics to Create an Interactive Classroom

Using Learning Catalytics to create an interactive classroom

Using Learning Catalytics to create an interactive classroom

Morten Hjorth-Jensen, Computing in Science Education: Integrating a Computational Perspective in the Basic Science Education

April Teaching Essentials for MSU STEM Faculty Workshop

Breakfast with Dr. Roberto Araya

TE Mathematics Education Faculty Candidate Research Talk - Matt Felton

TE Mathematics Education Faculty Candidate Research Talk - Amy Parks

LPF Distinguished Lecturer: Paul Cobb

PRIME Faculty Candidate Research Talk: Mari Levin

PRIME Faculty Candidate Research Talk: Dr. Dov Zazkis

Improving Education: Transitioning from Student to Teacher - Kristina Blanke, PhD

Lyman Briggs Physics Faculty Candidate Research Seminar: Vashti Sawtelle

Special Presentation by Roberto Araya

Lyman Briggs Physics Faculty Candidate Research Seminar: Eleanor Sayre

Breakfast with Dr. Christopher Emdin

PRIME Faculty Candidate Research Talk: Kyunghee Moon

PRIME Faculty Candidate Research Talk: Eileen Murray

CREATE Mini Conference 2014

CREATE Science Seminar: Michal Zion

Mathematics Education Search Committee: Niral Shah

Cancelled: Math Education Colloquium - Chris Rasmussen

CREATE Science Seminar Series: Mike Stieff

CREATE Science Seminar Series: Danny Caballero and David Stroupe

CREATE Science Seminar Series: Paula Heron

CREATE Science Seminar Series: Bill Penuel

CREATE Science Seminar Series: Christopher Emdin

DCG film night featuring the student created documentary film "Stockbridge to SaltH20"≈

Lunch & Meetings with Dr. Ellen Yezierski

Breakfast with Professor Mike Dubson

Ellen J. Yezierski - CREATE Science Seminar

Conversations with Alex Robinson

Principles, First and Foremost: A Tool for Teaching and Learning about Biological Processes

Teaching Evolution and the Evolution of Teaching: From Patterns to Processes

Remote Control: Asymmetrical Entanglements of Bodies and Machines

Mike Dubson: Transforming Teaching in a Physics Department

CREATE Science Seminar Series: Leona Schauble

Stanley M. Lo: Positive Outcomes in Faculty Teaching and Student Learning from a Discipline-Based Professional Development Program

Deborah Hughes Hallett, Math Education Colloquium

Round Table on Alternating-Hybrids and Flipped Classes in the College of Education

DBER Journal Club November 15

Science Studies at State (3S)

Chris Atchison - Geoscience Seminar Series

Steven Pinker - World View Lecture Series

AACR PI virtual meeting

Create Seminar Series: Alicia Alonzo & Alex Robinson - Building on Students' Intuitive Ideas about Motion

DBER Reading Group - Motivation

Motivation in Science: From Theory to Research to Practice and Back Again

CREATE Science Seminar Series: Nicole Becker

DBER Reading Group - Biology Education

Faculty Development Workshops by Brian Coppola

DBER Journal Club

DBER Reading Group - Geoscience Education

Enhanced Learning in Neuroscience Courses: Video Guides and Collaborative Writing

CREATE Internal Networking Group

Kathy Hoag - Pros and Cons of Flipping an Undergraduate Science Course

CREATE Internal Networking Group

Sue Convery - Using the REAL Classroom at MSU: Faculty Perspectives

Eye Tracking Open Plenary Talks

Terri Gustafson - New Video Conferencing Alternatives

MSU Science Festival - CREATE demonstrations

Geoffrey Habron - Use the Digication EPortfolio System in the Sustainability Specialization

Presentation by Professor Kate McNeill

MSU Science Festival - CREATE demonstrations

Glenn Stutzky - Surviving the Coming Zombie Apocalypse Part II - Creating a Social Learning Environment with New Measures

Developing the Next Generation Science Standards

MSU Science Festival - CREATE Keynote Speaker

Bill Hart-Davidson and Jeff Grabill - Experiences with Creating and Using Eli Review

CREATE Internal Networking Group

Physics Education Visiting Candidate

Stephen Thomas - Teaching a MOOC

Designing Next Generation Science Classroom Assessments


Mike Zakhem - Update on MSU's Desire2Learn Implementation


Physics Education Visiting Candidate

Dennis Young - A Student-Authored Textbook with Annual Revision


CREATE May Mini-Conference: CREATE-ing Collaborations in STEM Education Research

Chris Atchison - CREATE Science Seminar


Introduction to the Next Generation of Science Standards

CREATE Science Seminar: Kristen Bieda, Steven Wolf, Pavel Sikorskii, and Raven McCrory


Presentation by Dr. April L. Luehmann

Mark Windschitl Talk: What’s at the Core of Ambitious Science Teaching?


A Conversation with Tali Tal

Group Discussion on NGSS

Special Seminar on Assessment in Mathematics

Meeting of VIPs for Science

Developing the Next Generation Science Standards

CREATE Internal Networking Group

Presentation by Professor Kate McNeill

Disciplinary-based STEM Education Reading Group

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