CIRTL Exchange Program Teaching-as-Research Project Presentation


Monday, November 23, 2015 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm


110 Chittenden Hall


110 Chittenden Hall


Analysis of Asynchronous Supplemental Course Modules in Statistical Process Control


Matthew Harvey, Iowa State University


Doctoral student 


Many engineering and technology departments at the collegiate level have developed extensive online and hybrid (face-­‐to-­‐face and online) course offerings. To better understand how helpful students perceive online modules to be in learning to construct and interpret Statistical Process Control (SPC) charts, the authors analyzed the dimensions of unique modules viewed and proportional viewing duration. From an observational    sample of 145 students, it was found that students who watched video modules perceived them to be helpful in learning to construct SPC charts. Furthermore, the number of unique modules viewed and proportional viewing duration were both positively associated with the level of perceived helpfulness for these students. A strong positive correlation of 0.5824 (p <0.05) was observed between helpfulness and students’ number of unique modules viewed, while a weak positive correlation of 0.1700 (p <0.05) between helpfulness and students’ proportional viewing duration was found. Regression models for each of these explanatory variables were individually fit to helpfulness and found to exhibit significant   (p <0.05) linear relationship. These results support the use of asynchronous video modules to help students construct SPC charts and aligns well with the notion that online supplemental content can extend student learning beyond the classroom.