Co-Integrate Mathematics Seminar: Beth Herbel-Eisenmann


Monday, October 19, 2015 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm


116H Erickson

A Longitudinal Look at Middle School Mathematics Teacher-Reserachers' Purposeful Work on Their Mathematics Classroom Discourse

Beth-Herbel Eisenmann

Associate Professor, Teacher Education, Michigan State University

This presentation will focus on describing work in a three year collaboration in which participating teacher-researchers from a local mathematics department are working to make their mathematics classroom discourse more productive and powerful for students' opportunities to learn mathematics. I'll describe some of the key constructs the teacher-researchers are focusing on, explain how their action research projects have shifted over time, and share some issues/dilemmas we have grappled with in our work together. 

About the Speaker:

Dr. Beth Herbel-Eisenmann is currently Associate Professor of Mathematics Education at Michigan State University. Her work involves collaborating with secondary mathematics teachers about classroom discourse and how to work toward intentional changes to classroom discourse practices through action research. She collaboratively disseminated findings from work at conferences and one of those collaborations produced an edited volume, Promoting purposeful discourse: Teacher research in mathematics classrooms, which was published by NCTM in 2009. In part because of this work, she was awarded the 2010 Early Career Award from the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators. These collaborations are extremely influential to her practice as a mathematics teacher educator and researcher and inform her current design work co-authoring professional development materials, which focus on supporting mathematics teachers to become more purposeful about facilitating productive and powerful classroom discourse. These materials, Mathematics Discourse in Secondary Classrooms (MDISC), were piloted multiple times with secondary mathematics teachers and fostered another long-term collaboration with six middle school teachers. Her research has been published in Journal for Research in Mathematics Education, Educational Studies in Mathematics, Journal of Mathematics Teacher EducationJournal of Urban Mathematics Education, Teachers College Record, Teaching and Teacher EducationMathematics Teacher, and Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School. She also co-edited two research volumes: Mathematics teachers at work: Connecting curriculum materials and classroom instruction (with Janine Remillard & Gwendolynn Lloyd) and Equity in discourse for mathematics education: Theories, practices, and policies (with Jeffrey Choppin, David Wagner, and David Pimm).