Co-Integrate Series Session: Hyman Bass, University of Michigan


Monday, March 21, 2016 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm


116H Erickson Hall


Hyman Bass, University of Michigan


Lesson Structure: Analysis of a Japanese Demonstration Lesson


Teacher education and professional development, as well as research on teaching and learning, is making increased use of observation of instruction, both live and through video.  In the U.S. this often targets brief (few minutes) episodes of instruction, which are then subjected to fine-grained analysis.  The Japanese, in contrast, take the (whole) lesson as the appropriate unit of analysis, and this is a basis of their professional development practice known as Lesson Study.  I will present data from a live “demonstration lesson” (in Tokyo) in order to illustrate one holistic feature:  “lesson structure.”

About the Speaker:

Hyman Bass is the Samuel Eilenberg Distinguished University Professor of Mathematics and Mathematics Education at the University of Michigan.  His mathematical research lies in diverse aspects of algebra, number theory, and geometry.  His work in education (largely in collaboration with Deborah Ball) focuses mainly on mathematical knowledge for teaching, and on the teaching and learning of mathematical practices, such as reasoning and proving, and discerning and developing mathematical structure, in K-16 classrooms.