CREATE Internal Networking Group


Thursday, January 10, 2013 - 12:00pm to 1:30pm


115 Erikson

Dr. Kristen Bieda presented on strengthening developmental mathematics education at MSU through a strategic partnership with Teacher Education. Along with Dr. Steven Wolf, Dr. Bieda described the preliminary results from a new instructional model piloted in a section of MTH 100E, a face-to-face enrichment section accompanying MTH 1825 (a non-credit, online intermediate algebra course) for students most at-risk of failing MTH 1825. The section was taught by pre-service teachers (PSTs) from MSU’s secondary mathematics teacher preparation program. During this pilot, “in-the-moment” instructional coaching for the PSTs was implemented to ensure the success of each lesson. The feedback provided by both groups of students, the MTH 100E students and the PSTs, indicates that the model has strengthened MTH 100E students’ attitudes about mathematics as well as PSTs’ understanding of mathematics students’ thinking and learning. Complete analysis of the data collected, which included video of MTH 100E sessions, surveys, and interviews, is underway. Dr. Bieda is an assistant professor of teacher education at Michigan State University.