MSU STEM Education Alliance Spring Meeting


Thursday, May 1, 2014 - 11:30am to 2:30pm


1425 Biomedical and Physical Sciences Building

The major focus of the Spring meeting of the MSU STEM Education Alliance will be the STEM gateway experience. The theme is based on the overall goal of the STEM Alliance to foster cross-College collaborations that increase student retention and success in STEM. Student retention and success are significantly impacted by early experiences in STEM gateway courses. Therefore, an overarching goal of the meeting is to contribute to the development of a shared vision for the MSU STEM gateway experience focused on student success. 

To achieve this overarching goal the workshop activities will focus on the following objectives:

  • Develop a shared understanding of the current gateway experience that accounts for diverse perspectives and disciplinary differences.
  • Improve participants’ understanding of factors that impact student retention  
  • Improve participants’ understanding of current efforts to address those critical factors at MSU.
    • Matt Diemer, Associate Professor, College of Education will present, The Spartan Persistence Project (SPP): Fostering student success via brief social psychological interventions
  • Develop a broad set of student outcomes that define a STEM gateway experience focused on student success.
  • Identify low-risk, low-cost practices and strategies that have the potential to positively impact student outcomes and improve student retention and success.


Did You Know? STEM Education Programs and Events at MSU

In addition to the activities focused on the STEM gateway experience, the meeting will also include flash presentations about MSU programs and events related to STEM education. This will expand efforts initiated at the December meeting to raise awareness about STEM education programs and to foster interactions across Colleges.

  • Did you know that the MSU Museum sponsors several STEM Education focused projects?
    • Denice Blair, Co-Manager, MSU Museum Education, Assistant Professor, College of Education
    • Julie Fick, Science Education Specialist, MSU Museum
  • Did you know that MSU hosts the international academic conference on Meaningful Play?
    • Casey O’Donnell, Assistant Professor, College of Communication Arts and Sciences
  • Did you know that Lyman Briggs College will host the 2014 Association for Interdisciplinary Studies Conference?
    • Mark Largent, Associate Dean Lyman Briggs College, Associate Professor, James Madison College


SEA Changes: STEM Education Alliance Planning and Organization

Future plans will be discussed and participants will be asked to provide information and feedback.

  • Carolyn Sekedat, Assistant, CNS Dean’s Office, Academic Student Affairs, and Renee Bayer, Associate Director for Engagement, CREATE for STEM Institute, will lead a presentation and discussion on the effort to establish and organize the STEM Education Alliance website.  
  • Sekhar Chivukala, (Associate Dean, CNS) will lead a discussion on the proposed theme for next year: Changing the Culture to Improve Student Retention and Success in STEM.


RSVP and Pre-meeting Survey: Please complete the pre-meeting survey by Monday, April 28.

In addition to collecting RSVP information, the survey includes a series of questions about the STEM gateway experience. We encourage everyone involved in STEM education to complete the survey, even if you will not be attending the meeting. The survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete.