Round Table on Alternating-Hybrids and Flipped Classes in the College of Education


Tuesday, October 29, 2013 - 11:45am to 1:15pm


252 Erickson, 620 Farm Ln, East Lansing, MI

A number of faculty in the College of Education have been experimenting with alternate structures for their classes. Two key alternate structures are “Alternating Hybrids” in which some face-to-face sessions are replaced with online work, and “Flipped Classes” in which what used to happen in class is now covered outside of class (e.g., a lecture) and what used to happen outside of class is now completed in class (e.g., problem sets).

In this Round Table, faculty will talk about their experiences with these different models along with their future directions. The invited participants include Kristy Cooper (EAD), Kim Maier (CEPSE), Danah Henricksen (CEPSE), and Punya Mishra (CEPSE).

Food will be provided at 11:45, followed by faculty descriptions of their work and what they have learned. There will be an opportunity for questions and dialogue.

This Round Table will be broadcast live and will also be available at afterward.

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