STEM Ed Postdoc Meeting - Classroom observation protocol for measuring NGSS practices


Monday, March 13, 2017 - 11:00am to 12:00pm


CREATE Conference Room (115 Erickson)

Our next STEM Ed Postdoc meeting will be co-led by Melissa Kjelvik, Liz Schultheis, and Alexa Warwick (BEACON Center).

Title: Classroom observation protocol for measuring NGSS practices

Description: We will share a classroom observation protocol, under development, designed to measure which NGSS science practices high school students are engaged in. This protocol will be used as part of the Data Nuggets efficacy study. The data collected will be used to compare student practice in treatment classrooms using Data Nuggets compared to comparison classrooms not using this intervention.

Goal: We would like feedback on the protocol manual, which will be sent around in advance of the meeting (download from links below). We would be interested to know how our protocol compares to others you may know of already, whether there are any areas of confusion in the wording, etc. During the meeting we will discuss your feedback on the manual, and then have everyone use the protocol to score a short classroom clip, followed by additional discussion of what worked well or what needs improvement.