STEM Education Alliance Fall Reception


Thursday, September 1, 2016 - 2:30pm to 5:00pm


Kellogg Conference Center Big 10 C

Please join us for our first event of the academic year:  the STEM Education Alliance Fall Reception. 


The overall goal of the MSU STEM Education Alliance is to foster cross-College collaborations that increase student retention and success in STEM. Since student retention and success are significantly impacted by early experiences in gateway courses, the fall reception will include a presentation on introductory chemistry, a key component of the gateway curriculum.  Approximately 5,000 students from 14 different colleges enroll in the introductory chemistry lecture courses (CEM141/142) each year.  Yearly enrollment in the introductory laboratory courses (CEM161/162) is approximately 3,600. We will learn about curricular transformation of both the lecture and laboratory courses.  The reception will also provide an opportunity to meet and network with others involved in undergraduate STEM education and institutional efforts to promote success for STEM students.

Keynote address:

Framework for Transformation – the Chemistry Experience

Melanie Cooper, Lappan-Phillips Professor of Science Education, Professor of Chemistry

Justin Carmel, Research Associate, Chemistry

In this presentation we will discuss the transformation of the general chemistry lecture and laboratory courses at Michigan State University. These courses were re-designed to focus on the core ideas of the discipline, and the scientific practices that allow students to use their knowledge. We will present examples of the types of activities students do, and how we assess student work. We will also discuss our assessment and evaluation of the transformation.


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