StudioCode Video Analysis Training


Wednesday, October 26, 2016 - 9:00am to Thursday, October 27, 2016 - 4:00pm


CREATE Conference Room

StudioCode is the premiere software tool for the purposes of qualitative and quantitative analysis of audio and video data. StudioCode provides a robust, feature-rich and customizable tool for handling large or small quantities of research video for coding, analysis, and preparation for presentations.  StudioCode training is provided by CREATE in our efforts to continue to build research capacity with collaborators across MSU. Other departments and research groups are welcome to participate. Just so that we have the right number of materials, please sign up below.

This training will be full-featured professional development and training on using the StudioCode platform for a variety of different research needs. Day 1 of the training with introduce the StudioCode environment and walk participants through the various tools for video coding and analysis, covering the major features of the software. Day 2 will finish the feature set and allow participants to bring their own data and coding problems for consultation and development. Both sessions will be hands-on and customized to the goals of the researchers present.   It's possible to attend just the first day if you want a thorough introduction to the software but don't have any video/research needs yet that you want to consult on; similarly you can come to day 2 if you've already done day 1 previously and now have additional questions.

The training will start at 9:00 am each day and continue until around 4:00 pm. Participants should bring their Mac Laptop and if possible bring a video from their research to work on as well as any coding documents they may have.  Training is always best when using authentic materials!  Thursday we'll try to wrap up by 3:00pm if possible.

Thursday afternoon (and potentially Friday morning) the StudioCode representative will also be available for consulting help for any previously trained StudioCoders who are working on active projects.

Spaces are limited, with first choice going to people involved in active projects with the Institute. We appreciate your understanding. Please sign up below.