Webinar #2 on Science and Engineering, Grades 6-12


Thursday, March 7, 2019 - 3:00pm

Register HERE for Webinar #2: Science and Engineering for Grades 6-12: Instruction with Investigation and Design at the Center. Details below!


This second webinar provides additional information on the recently released consensus study report, Science and Engineering for Grades 6-12: Investigation and Design at the Center. The report describes evidence-based ways that teaching and learning should shift and provides guidance for teachers, administrators, providers of professional development, and creators of instructional materials on how to support students and teachers as they learn and instruct in this new way.

Two members of the study committee, Joe Krajcik and Erin Furtak, will discuss approaches to instruction that place investigation and design at the center of middle and high school science and engineering learning. They will describe how to run classes that focus on students asking questions, collecting and analyzing data, and using this evidence to better understand the natural and built world around them. Specific example will be provided that will help illustrate the changing roles of both teachers and students. 

Sponsors: The Amgen Foundation and The Carnegie Corporation of New York