Science Education

The mission of science education is to blend science theory, research, and practical application to explore current issues in science teaching and learning. The science education faculty and an impressive group of post-doctoral researchers, graduate students and undergraduates in science education bring a range of theoretical and methodological perspectives to their work, including cognition, sociocultural, and feminist/critical perspectives using both qualitative and quantitative methods.

The core research areas in science education include learning progressions, curriculum development, teacher development, formative assessment, and teaching and learning in urban contexts. Ph.D. students have opportunities to contribute to a variety of research projects, participate in policy formation, and refine their knowledge and pedagogical skills. Ph.D. students gain practical experience and the opportunity to engage in sustained collaborative work with teachers, students, and administrators in K-12 schools and school districts; college level science educators; informal science educators; as well as university-based researchers and educators.

This group is hosted by the CREATE for STEM institute to support our members and colleagues in the Science Education discipline.