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STEM Ed Postdoc Meeting

Professor Delmar Larsen, University of California, Davis, on The Libretexts Project

Co-Integrate Mathematics Series: Dominguez & Crespo

STEM Post-Doc Meeting with Travis Hagey

STEM Ed Postdoc Meeting - The Image has Two Faces: External Representations in Biomolecular Sciences

CREATE Postdoc Reading Group

STEM Ed Postdoc Meeting - Classroom observation protocol for measuring NGSS practices

MSU Mathematics Education Colloquium: Julia Maria Aguirre

Special presentation: Howard Gobstein, APLU

Rachel Yoho to present "Structure and Function in Biology - The Case of Enzyme Binding"

Special presentation: Barbara Ericson (Georgia Tech)

Postdoc Talk and Reading (Feb 27, 3-4:30PM) - Led by Kamali Sripathi

AIMS: Access, Agency, and Allies in Mathematical Systems

Dr. Stephanie Vasko: Examining Responsible Innovation at the Chemistry/Design Interface

STEM Ed Postdoc Meeting - Feb 13, 11am

STEM Ed Postdoc Meeting - Jan 30, 11am

First STEM Ed Postdoc Meeting

Postdoc-grad session with Mark Guzdial

2016-2017 Literacy Colloquy Presentation

CREATE Presentation: Charles Henderson

CREATE Presentation: Mike Stieff

CREATE Presentation: Mark Guzdial

CREATE Presentation: Rebecca Jordan

Postdoc-Grad session with Rebecca Jordan

STEM Ed Postdoc Meeting

STEM Ed Postdoc Meeting

STEM Ed Postdoc Meeting

STEM Ed Postdoc Meeting

CREATE Science Speaker: Paula Hooper

STEM Ed Postdoc Meeting

CREATE Science Speaker: Michelle Wilkerson

CREATE Science Speaker: John Krupczak

CREATE Science Speaker: Ayush Gupta

Co-Integrate Session: Kristen Bieda

CREATE Science Speaker: Cindy Hmelo-Silver

CREATE Science Speaker: Stacey Lowery Bretz

Science Speaker Series: Louise Archer, King's College London

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