AACR teams up with SimBio on a recently published study

AACR group picture: John Merrill, Megan Shiroda, Mark Urban-Lurain, Juli Uhl, and Kevin Haudek

The Beyond Multiple Choice team has exciting news to share! Pre-COVID, the Automated Analysis of Constructed Response (AACR) research group worked together with SimBio, a company that develops multi-media tutorials and simulated modules for undergraduate biology, in a research study.  AACR developed questions that were embedded into a SimBio learning module about Cell Respiration; then compared student performance pre/post module. The results showed that students from all institution types (geographically diverse institutions including two-year colleges, undergraduate institutions, and research-focused universities) included more scientific ideas in constructed responses (CR) after working through the tutorial. 

Standard multiple-choice questions given to students are highly constrained modalities, while essay-style questions are considered to be less constrained; both are difficult to score using automated tools. The results of the study reflect that a Constructed Response Classifier (CRC) tool can be implemented to measure student learning and provide an expanded view of student thinking, which often has a mix of scientific and non-scientific ideas. Constructed Response questions allow students to show what they know in a way that may not be possible using standard multiple-choice or essay questions. 

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