Creating Wonder: Revolutionizing How Science is Taught

high school students discussing lab experiment

Dr. Joe Kracjik, Professor of Science Education and Director of the CREATE for STEM Institute, and Dr. Barbara Schneider, John A. Hannah University Distinguished Chair and renowned sociologist, both in the MSU College of Education, talk about their work on two projects focused on bringing science alive for students through Project Based Learning. This teaching method allows students time to explore and investigate complex and engaging questions or challenges.

Rather than giving students information, teachers encourage students to reach their own understanding of how things in the world work by posing driving questions. Queries like, "How can I design a vehicle that is safer for a passenger during a collision?" or "Why do I feel colder at the pool when I'm wet than when I'm dry?" inspire creative and critical thinking skills applied to real-life situations students are familiar with. 

Read on to find out how MSU's transformative work in science education can improve learning for all students.