MSU Today: Zooming in on the future of microscopy

Photo of Tyler Coker and MSU logo

MSU Physicist, Dr. Tyler Cocker and his team have developed and created a microscope unlike any other. The scope uses light and electrons to study materials with never-before-seen clarity. The researchers can see atoms and measure quantum features within samples that could become the building blocks of quantum computers and next-generation solar cells.

The Nov. 23 issue of Nature Communications featured the article "Lightwave-driven scanning tunnelling spectroscopy of atomically precise graphene nanoribbons".  For this study, Cocker collaborated with a professor at the Swiss Federal Laboratories Materials Science and Technology, Dr. Roman Fasel and his team. Fasel’s lab has synthesized molecules that, with the addition of heat, can build themselves into ribbons with a predetermined shape and size.

Congratulations to Dr. Cocker and his entire research team!

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