New project! Developing Quantitative Knowledge-in-Use about Energy

Electrical currents running from side to side in photo

We are delighted to announce that CREATE's Deputy Director and Sr. Research Associate Robert Geier has been awarded over $1.9m from the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) for a study that will focus on high school physics students and building their "knowledge-in-use".  The research team of Dr's Geier, David Fortus, Joseph Krajcik, Knut Neumann and Jeff Nordine will continue building on a previous project that was centered around middle school science students concepts and understanding of energy.

Project-based learning (PBL) will anchor this work as students engage in quantitative modeling of energy transfers using real-world phenomena. The resulting products will include curriculum with student and teacher guides, as well as professional-learning materials and assessment tools. 

Congratulations to Bob and the entire research team!

Read more about the project.