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CREATE's AACR group has been busy writing and publishing! You won't want to miss these articles: 

Uhl, J.D., Sripathi, K.N., Saldanha, J. N., Moscarella, R.A., Merrill, J., Urban-Lurain, M., Haudek, K.C. (2020) Introductory biology undergraduate students' mixed ideas about genetic information flow. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education.

Zhai, X., Haudek, K C.., Shi, L., H. Nehm, R., & Urban-Lurain, M. (2020). From substitution to redefinition: A framework of machine learning-based science assessment. Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 57(9), 1430-1459. https://doi: 10.1002/tea.21658

Jescovitch, L.N., Scott, E.E., Cerchiara, J.A., Merrill, J.E., Urban-Lurain, M., Doherty, J.D.  & Haudek, K.C. (2020) Comparison of Machine Learning Performance Using Analytic and Holistic Coding Approaches Across Constructed Response Assessments Aligned to a Science Learning Progression.  Journal of Science Education and Technology. doi: 10.1007/s10956-020-09858-0.

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