Paper publication! Journal of Science Education and Technology

Photo of Diagram 1 from paper

Congratulations to CREATE alumni, Tom Bielik, along with co-editors Lynn Stephens, Cynthia McIntyre, Daniel Damelin and Joe Krajcik, who are the editors of a newly published paper "Supporting Student System Modeling Practice Through Curriculum and Technology Design" in the Journal of Science Education and Technology.

Previously, the team offered a look at various factors present in the development and testing of a modeling tool for use in classrooms. This study provides an "in-depth examination and detailed evidence of 10th grade students engaging in those four aspects during a classroom enactment of a system modeling unit. We look at the choices students made when constructing their models, whether they described evidence and reasoning for those choices, and whether they described the behavior of their models in connection with model usefulness in explaining and making predictions about the phenomena of interest." At the conclusion, the team makes recommendations for educators and curricular material developers in order to support students as they learn system modeling through the use of digital tools.  

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