Prestigious Estonian university awards Krajcik honorary degree

Estonian flag background with University of Tartu logo in front

Because of his research related to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), Dr. Joseph Krajcik, MSU Lappan-Phillips Professor of Science Education and the director of the CREATE for STEM Institute, has been given the title of Honorary Doctor of Science Education at the University of Tartu. Krajcik has worked on international projects with researchers and doctoral students from the university and is delighted to be receiving this award. 

Established in 1632, the University of Tartu is the largest and oldest university in Estonia, and one of the oldest universities in Northern and Eastern Europe.  There are more than 13,600 current students, over 3,000 employees, and nearly 100,000 alumni worldwide helping to promote education and science around the globe. The university is the only Baltic institution of higher learning that is among the 1.2% of the world's best universities and among the 1% most cited universities and research institutions in the world. The University of Tartu is an international partner with 72 universities from 26 countries. 

There will be a ceremony at the university to mark the conferral of honorary degrees in December 2022.  Congratulations, Dr. Krajcik!