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Early Presentations

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The CREATE for STEM Institute, along with other state and national partners, is pleased to provide these materials and information to educators, policy-makers and the general public in Michigan to support the implementation of the Next Generation Science Standards.  Please feel free to download, use, and adapt these resources.  All materials posted here are provided to the education community under Creative Commons licensing (see below).  If you do use the materials, we ask that you post any feedback or adaptations here or send to us directly.

NGSS Professional Development Workshops

  • Manuscripts, publications, presentations, instructional materials to support teachers

Early Presentations on NGSS by CREATE staff

  • Powerpoints and / or video of early presentations to different communities on NGSS by CREATE staff.

Introduction to the Next Generation of Science Standards Event Archive

  • Archive of all handouts and PowerPoint presentations, videos of the general sessions, and links to relevant resources from the conference to introduce the NGSS to Michigan educators held May 28, 2013.


Joe Krajcik, Lappan-Phillips Professor of Science Education at Michigan State University and director of the CREATE for STEM Institute, has made several presentations on the Next Generation Science Standards.

Joe Krajcik: How the Next Generation Science Standards Were Developed

This description of how the NGSS were developed appears on the It's About Time website.

Next Generation Science Standards: The Vision for Science Education and the New Role of Teachers

This video appears on the National Science Teachers Association website. In it, Joe Krajcik and (then graduate student, now HS chemistry teacher Dr.) Kristin Meyer discuss the role of teachers in implementing NGSS.

Examples of NGSS in the classroom

These videos, produced for the National Science Teachers Association, provide examples of NGSS in action at the elementary level:

Introduction to 3-Dimensional Learning, Funds of Knowledge, and Place-Based Science:

Videos of student and teacher reflections on their experiences can be found by clicking on the following link:


NGSS: How Practices Change


NGSS: Supporting Talk


"Exploring NGSS in the classroom: Red-winged blackbird Unit Overview" features CREATE research and development colleague Emily Miller and CREATE's Building Multiple Literacies through Project-based Learning project: