Lyman Briggs College

Lyman Briggs College is an undergraduate, residential college founded in 1967 by dedicated individuals hoping to bridge the widening gap between sciences and humanities. The first of its kind, the college has become known as the institution students go to for an excellent foundation in science and mathematics with additional focus on history, philosophy and sociology of science.

The philosophy of inclusion and innovative teaching methods at Lyman Briggs College have attracted internationally-recognized faculty and staff from a variety of disciplines. Faculty members come from professional backgrounds ranging from actuarial science to zoology, and staff areas of expertise include theoretical physics, fisheries and wildlife, and education administration. Our History, Philosophy and Sociology of science (HPS) faculty are among the most unique and diverse found at any institute of higher learning.

At Lyman Briggs College, students and faculty work to bridge the gap between sciences and humanities through interdisciplinary teaching and research, while focusing on three main goals:

1. To maintain an inclusive residential college environment within a major research university; 2. To foster collaboration between students, faculty, and staff to advance scholarship, teaching, innovation, and community engagement; and 3. To inspire students to become lifelong learners, engaged citizens, and effective leaders.