TEAM Project (MTH1825 Project)

The TEAM (Teacher Education And Mathematics) project is interested in improving remedial mathematics education at MSU while helping new mathematics teachers learn to teach.  The project aims to transform instruction in MTH100E, the face-to-face enrichment course connected with the remedial mathematics course, MTH1825. This transformation began with implementation of a problem-based curriculum in a limited number of sections in MTH100E in Fall 2012, with future mathematics teachers as the instructors. The future high school math teachers were enrolled in a mathematics teaching methods class (TE407). The MTH100E class serves as the lab for the teaching methods course. Our project name (TEAM) is a reflection of the partnership between the Department of Teacher Education and the Department of Mathematics, aimed at the mutual benefit of both MTH100E students and TE407 students.

This work is being funded by the Lappan-Phillips-Fitzgerald Endowment and a grant from the NSF-TUES program.

Read our feature article about the project: "TEAM: Factoring in New Ways to Teach and Learn Math."