Connecting Collaborative Environments

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The Enhancing the Teacher-Curriculum Relationship in Problem-Based Mathematics Classrooms by Connecting Teacher and Student Digital Collaborative Environments project will create a digital environment for middle school mathematics teachers to promote collaboration. The digital environment for the teachers links to a student collaborative environment and contains the same problem-based curriculum materials. The environment helps teachers to collaborate and learn from one another. This occurs when teachers plan, teach and reflect on student learning. The online, digital platform will help teachers work together more easily in networks that might be at different schools. The resources online will include problem-based curriculum materials, classroom artifacts from students, and resources created by teachers.

Learning how teachers use resources, collaborate in the digital environment, and support each other through the network is the goal for this work. With more curriculum resources being created for online teaching and learning, the project will lead to a better understanding of how mathematics teaching and learning can be best supported.

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