Publications by Year

The work of the CREATE Institute is to Innovate, Investigate, and Inform. We are pleased to share with you some of our academic publications and other recent efforts to disseminate important developments and research to the broader community. Some publications may be downloadable directly from us, while others may be accessed through the Journal publisher provided in the links. Please feel free to contact the author(s) if you have specific questions about any of the work listed here.


Severance, S., Penuel, W. R., Sumner, T., & Leary, H.. (2016). Organizing for Teacher Agency in Curricular Co-Design. Journal of the Learning Sciences, 25, 531-564. doi:10.1080/10508406.2016.1207541


Carter, K., & Prevost, L.. (2015). Assessing student understanding of core principle structure and function. In Society for Advancement of Biology Education Research Annual Meeting.
Chen, J., Ha, M., & Nehm, R. H.. (2015). Measuring semantic similarity in written text: Applications to learning and assessment. In NARST 2015 Annual International Conference. presented at the 04/2015.
Crumbs, T., McCourt, J. S., & Lemons, P. P.. (2015). Analysis of Teachers' Thinking about Pedagogical Practices in College Biology Courses. In University of Georgia Research Experiences for Undergraduates Poster Session.
Kaplan, J. J. (2015). Everyone Knows What a Histogram Is: Or Do They?. In Department of Statistics, University of Auckland, Invited Seminar.