Call for Books to Donate to Puerto Rico Earth Science Teachers

Pile of books

Julie Libarkin, a professor at Michigan State University, will be traveling to Puerto Rico to give a keynote at a conference for earth science teachers. She has requested that anyone who has spare books donate them to the teachers in Puerto Rico. The recent hurricane wiped out many of the local schools as well as teachers’ personal school supplies. While many items are now once again available in Puerto Rico, access to books is still quite limited.

If you would be willing to donate any of the following, let Julie know ( or drop them off in 115/117. Older versions of books that might be sitting on your shelves would be great! Books in English or Spanish work.

BOOKS THAT CAN WORK AS A REFERENCE OR CLASSROOM RESOURCE: Earth science, environmental science, conceptual physics, integrated science/math. It sounds like biology, chemistry, physics are well covered, but earth science and conceptual math are lacking.

ELEMENTARY LEVEL BOOKS: Trade books of any kind, books with any science activities, any books with earth science focus.

Julie can take about 100 pounds of books. Please get them to her by March 5.