Call for session Proposals for the joint meeting of 4S and ESOCITE



4S and ESOCITE are now inviting proposals for ‘open panels’ at its 2014 Joint Meeting, August 20-23 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The selected open panels will later be included as part of the formal call for papers.

A ‘panel’ is a session of papers that address a shared theme. The purpose of calling for open panels is to stimulate the formation of new networks around topics of interest to the 4S/ESOCITE community. Like any meeting session, an ‘open panel’ is a paper session with a theme and a responsible chairperson(s). The difference is that it is not submitted already filled up with papers. Rather, open panel themes are subsequently included in the call for papers (opening December 15), and authors nominate their paper for one or more panels. An open panel may extend across up to three sessions of five papers each (i.e. a total of maximum 15 papers).

Proposers of open panels commit to work closely with the program chairs to achieve the final composition of their panels, and they must be prepared to chair the panel or suggest colleagues who are willing to do so.

4S and ESOCITE boards specially encourage our colleagues to propose “mixed” sessions, helping in the interaction of both communities, and avoiding the risk of having two parallel meetings. Papers will be invited in Spanish, Portuguese or English, so please let us know whether your panel will be monolingual or multilingual.

To propose an open panel, go to this website:  Enter your name, institutional affiliation, session title, and a short (maximum 300 words) description of the open panel theme. Please try to be clear and concise, to stimulate a broad participation of several colleagues.

Deadline is December 1st, 2013.