CREATE at the MSU Science Festival in East Lansing

Sara shows model to kids

CREATE for STEM had a great time at the MSU Science Festival Expo in East Lansing on April 7. CREATE had two presentations in East Lansing. During the first, presented by Sam Severance and Sara Severance, kids investigated the transfer of energy. The second, presented by Lora Kaldaras, explored why certain objects stick together when others don’t.

Sam and Sarah’s presentation was a huge hit with the kids, largely because they were actually able to engage with hands-on models in order to figure out solutions to energy problems. “Kids were very excited to engage in the challenges and show off their solutions,” said Sam. The hands-on models demonstrated the presence of energy in wind and moving water. As they were exploring the models, kids were encouraged to think about how we can better meet our energy needs as a community. “It was non-stop engagement with kids and families from when we started to when we ended,” said Sam. “The only break we had was when the fire alarm went off in the building.”

Lora’s presentation focused on how objects interact with each other if one is charged, and how this phenomena appears in everyday life. The demonstrations and activities were a result of a partnership between CREATE and the College of Education Dean’s Office. Lora and volunteers from the office worked together in preparation for the experiments, and it was a big success at the festival. Everyone involved had a great time working together, and this event proved to be a rewarding collaboration for both CREATE and the Dean’s Office volunteers.

The East Lansing Science Festival was an educational and fun-filled day for kids, parents, and CREATE staff alike! This was day one of CREATE’s involvement, the other being April 15, which took place at the Expo in Detroit.