CREATE for STEM Hosts Professional Development Session for Middle School Educators

The teachers build a model

On March 20-21, 2018, five Flint-based middle school teachers gathered at the Genesee Career Institute in Flint to participate in a professional development session as part of CREATE for STEM’s Building Models project. The first day was focused on CREATE’s water development unit, which was developed by Ann Novak, an experienced teacher from Greenhills School. She provided the teachers with NGSS, PBL, and the modeling practices content, and also had the teachers go over the lessons and experience some of the activities first-hand.

On the second day, Dan Damelin from the Concord Consortium, together with Consuelo Morales and Li Ke from CREATE, introduced the teachers to our online modeling tool, SageModeler. The group then got to develop the models that the students would be expected to build in the water quality unit.

This professional development session served as a way to get Flint teachers more involved in using modeling tools in their teaching. Additionally, CREATE was able to provide them with a good resource for PBL and NGSS-aligned materials on important environmental issues related to water quality.