CREATE for STEM Mini-Conference Postponed

We are postponing the Mini-Conference scheduled on February 9th due to inclement weather. Please watch for a rescheduled date-- it is still being decided.


We are excited to welcome Dr. Mitchell J. Nathan, from the University of Wisconsin - Madison, as our conference speaker. Dr. Nathan is a Professor of Learning Sciences in the Educational Psychology Dept., Director of the Center on Education and Work, and Director of the IES Postdoctoral Fellowship Program in Mathematical Thinking, Learning, and Instruction. His research is largely rooted in cognitive, embodied, and social perspectives on learning and instruction in STEM fields. 

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN!! Please feel free to join us as an attendee, even if you are not presenting a poster. You are welcome to enjoy the entire event as a guest, including lunch and our conference speaker. We are hoping to generate lots of great conversation around the work that is shared at the program. 

CREATE for STEM's Mini-Conference web page can be found here