Danny Caballero at the 2018 MSTA Conference

Danny Caballero

Danny Caballero, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy here at MSU, will be presenting this year at the 2018 MSTA Conference on March 2-3 (Danny's talk is on March 2). In his talk, he will be discussing the importance of science practices in college and how this aligns with CREATE for STEM's STEM+C grant work. See further details about his talk below:

Title: Incorporating Science Practices into STEM Classrooms: Design and Assessment

Abstract: Learning science is not just learning facts and equations; it is learning how to do the work of science. Learning science is about learning how science is done, what tools and processes are used, and how scientists go about their work. Scientists design experiments, collect and analyze data, and build mathematical and computer models of phenomenon. They work on teams - discussing processes and procedures, collectively deciding on the best course of action, and reviewing their missteps and mistakes. By and large, university STEM classrooms do not instruct students in these approaches to doing science - termed science practices. At Michigan State University, we have designed introductory and advanced physics courses that incorporate these science practices into the instruction. In this talk, I will present how these courses have been designed and the ways in which we assess students in these courses. Additionally, I will address issues of growth and sustainability.

If you are a high school physics teacher and are interested in learning more about this work for your classroom, please contact David Stroupe at dstroupe@msu.edu or Danny Caballero at caballero@pa.msu.edu