Dr. David Stroupe's blog post featured by AAAS ARISE

Educators in Discussion

We want to give a special shout-out to Dr. David Stroupe, whose blog post was featured by AAAS ARISE today. The blurb for Stroupe's post is as follows: "Dr. David Stroupe discusses how teacher educators can better prepare and support new teachers to enter and succeed in underserved schools. He advocates for and explains how STEM teacher educators can “disrupt” the way new teachers think about STEM fields, teaching, and inequities that privilege certain knowledge and forms of participation. Stroupe - like all our authors - offers recommendations for STEM researchers, teacher educators, preservice and practicing teachers, and policymakers."

Read his full post here: https://aaas-arise.org/2019/06/24/stem-teacher-preparation-as-a-process-of-purposeful-disruption-and-rebuilding/

Congrats, Dr. Stroupe!