Health in Our Hands featured in MSTA Winter Newsletter

Congratulations are in order for the Health in Our Hands team, specifically Jane Lee, Idit Adler, Irene Bayer, and Frieda Reichsman, whose article has been published in the MSTA Winter Newsletter! Their article, "Health in Our Hands: What controls my health? Making sense of gene-environment interactions using online simulation" describes a lesson in which students use an online program to investigate factors that affect the health of a teenage girl experiencing type 2 diabetes. 

The article also talks about the ways in which students are able to assume a scientist role. It states, "As advocated by the Framework for K-12 Science Education, this lesson integrates disciplinary core ideas (growth and development of organisms and variation of inheritance), scientific practices (planning and carrying out investigations and developing and using models), and crosscutting concepts (patterns and cause and effect). In this lesson, students experience what scientists do; they are encouraged to ask questions about the natural world and answer them based on the evidence they collect." Additionally, the piece mentions the challenging but rewarding method of allowing students to plan their own investigation while still providing enough structure to support them in these scientific practices. 

To read the full article (found on pages 13-14), check out the MSTA Winter Newsletter.