NARST Practice Session: Involving Teachers in Developing Assessments Aligned with NGSS using a 7-Step Process

Chanyah Dahsah, Michigan State University & Srinakharinwirot University

Jane J. Lee, Michigan State University, Angela H. Debarger, SRI International, Daniel N. Damelin, The Concord Consortium, Joseph S. Krajcik, Michigan State University


Involving Teachers in Developing Assessments Aligned with NGSS using a 7-Step Process

Developing assessment tasks that align with the intent of NGSS is an essential task for science educators and teachers. In this study, we propose a 7 – Step process based on evidence-centered design (ECD) for developing assessment tasks that use DCIs, CCCs and Practices and explore how the 7-Step process helps science teachers develop assessment items align with NGSS. The 7-Step process consists of 1) Select the Performance Expectations (PEs), 2) Unpack the PEs, 3) Develop Learning Performances (LPs), 4) Develop a Design Pattern for LPs, 5) Generate Tasks, 6) Develop Rubrics, and 7) Review Tasks. We conducted professional development with 14 science teachers. The results indicated that the 7-Step process has potential to support teachers in unpacking and elaborating relevant disciplinary core ideas, practices, and crosscutting concepts, and in developing appropriate LPs at the instructional level for building tasks and rubrics. It also facilitated teachers in interpreting and understanding the Framework for K – 12 Science Education and NGSS. Some teachers expressed difficulty unpacking PEs, and developing and articulating LPs, since these processes need more time and effort. The teachers stated that working with dedicated peers and knowledgeable facilitators gave support in developing items align with NGSS.