Register now for the HHMI Gateway Summit

December 17, 2019

11:30 - 5:00p.m.

Lunch & Reception included

Molecular Plant Sciences Building

1066 Bogue Street

Room 1200 and Atrium

The MSU STEM Education Alliance invites you to attend the 5th Gateway Summit supported by the HHMOI grant, LEVERS: Leveraging Engagement and Vision to Encourage Retention in STEM. The meeting will feature presentations, posters, and discussions focused on improving learning and success for undergraduate STEM students. The goals of the summit are to increase attendee's familiarty with ongoing efforts, facilitate discussion, and seed new collaborations among members of the STEM education community. The summit will also include opportunities for discussion of MSU's response to the HHMI Inclusive Excellence competition, which focuses on related challenges including STEM gateway course and partnerships between 2-and-4-year institutions. https:

To register for the meeting, go to: