Taking Part in The Conversation: The Pentagon Cracks Down on UFOs

UFO spotting

Under new rules, Navy pilots and sailors are urged to be even more careful in tracking what they see in the sky and reporting unidentified flying objects. Is this because of an increasing concern about alien spacecrafts visiting Earth? Iain Boyd, a professor of aerospace engineering at the University of Michigan, says probably not in his most recent piece on The Conversation.

The reason for the new rules has little to do with extraterrestrial visitors. Instead, Boyd believes that the military is simply striving to increase the number of objects that they can identify in the sky. This is part of the Pentagon’s overall goal to improve the situational awareness, that is, the understanding of one’s surroundings, of the military. “UFOs represent an opportunity for the military to improve its identification processes,” Boyd writes. In other words, putting more emphasis on the reporting of UFOs is an essential first step in improving the military’s ability to identify objects in their environment and act accordingly.

These new protocols may eventually lead to a whole new, integrated approach for object identification. The new reporting system, combined with recent technology, such as sensors and artificial intelligence, could help the military obtain a whole new level of situational awareness. As Boyd says, “There (will) be fewer and fewer UFOs in the sky – because they won’t be unidentified anymore.”

Boyd’s article on The Conversation can be found here: https://theconversation.com/why-is-the-pentagon-interested-in-ufos-116714