2028 NAEP Science Assessment Framework Update panel announced

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The National Assessment Governing Board, an independent nonpartisan board created by Congress, is leading updates to the Science Assessment Framework for the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), also known as the Nation’s Report Card. WestEd supports the Board in these efforts and has convened panels of subject-matter experts, practitioners, and other stakeholders to develop recommendations for updates to the Framework.

CREATE is proud to share that Joe Krajcik, institute director, has been named to the Steering and Development panels of experts. Joe was an original member of the Framework development team and is honored to be selected to continue this critical work. 

The role of the Steering Panel is to formulate recommendations for developing an updated framework, based on the state of the field.  The Development Panel is charged with developing the drafts of the framework documents and engaging in the detailed deliberations to determine how to reflect the Steering Panel recommendations in an updated framework to be recommended to the Governing Board. 

For more information about the NAEP, go to: https://www.naepframeworkupdate.org/