ML-PBL in elementary classrooms; a new way of teaching

Photo of book and caption "PBL: A new way of teaching"

Joe Krajcik and Barbara Schneider's new book Science Education Through Multiple Literacies: Project-Based Learning in Elementary School is based on a five-year research project on which Dr. Krajcik and Dr. Schneider were Co-Principal Investigators. The research project, which involved 91 teachers and over 2,000 students in Michigan and Wisconsin, is funded by Lucas Education Research, a division of the George Lucas Educational Foundation.

The book describes the journey taken by nine teachers, all of whom participated in the research taking place in their classrooms as well as the resulting curricular resources, and the shifts that Project-Based Learning has required them to make in their teaching. PBL focuses on student questioning, experimenting, and talking to and discovering with one another. It is game-changing, for teachers and for students. 

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